TITLE: Warehouse Manger & Install Coordinator

TENURE: 4 years

JOB DESCRIPTION: As the Install Coordinator, I assign and direct our 4 Installation crews, 1 duct install crew and 1 IAQ crew to the correct jobs on a daily basis. I also keep all the crews updated and informed on any changes in procedures or polices due to changes in local mechanical code, changes in equipment, or company requirements. I address customers concerns before, during and after the completion of the installation and share any concerns with the crews, so that they can be aware of what customer’s expectations will be or might have been so that we can improve future customer interaction. As the Warehouse Manager, I direct 5 warehouse staff on the day to day duties that revolve around supporting the field labor and office staff. Those duties include, ordering equipment and materials for the residential installs, receiving and staging of equipment and materials, delivering equipment and materials to the field as needed, pickup and delivery of service parts, and returning of warranty parts to appropriate vendor. My goal in this portion of my job is keeping the experienced people working on what their skill set is needed for in this business by utilizing runners to fulfill their equipment needs. I am also responsible for warehouse inventory. Items that are requested from our warehouse inventory are then charged out to the job, department or truck and we provide a monthly inventory to the CFO. Furthermore, the warehouse team is the grounds and facility maintenance here at Benson’s. Grass cutting, cleaning, hauling trash, we do it all! Finally, I am responsible for coordination of routine maintenance and needed repairs for the fleet.

INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE: I started my career with Benson’s as a Comfort Consultant almost 4 years ago. After a little over a year I was moved to Residential Installation Coordinator and in May of 2015, the management of the warehouse was added to my duties. Before coming to Benson’s I had worked in the cellphone industry for 15+ years so my HVAC experience was adjusting my thermostat and changing my filter.

Sherry Barner