TITLE: Indoor Air Quality Specialist & Comfort Consultant

TENURE: 10 years

JOB DESCRIPTION: My job is to provide our customers with proper education to choose the best HVAC system for their needs, wants and desires. I also inform homeowners of improved systems that will operate more efficiently and reduce the operating costs of an HVAC system over time. I then oversee proper installation of that equipment and ensure the satisfaction of our customer.

INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE: I started at Bensons while in college, working in the Warehouse as a driver. In the summers I would assist technicians in service and the duct department. After graduation I immediately started as an ESA technician doing Maintenance on commercial and residential equip-ment. From there I transitioned into a Junior technician and from there a Senior Technician, running full time Service and “On Call” duties. After 4 years of that I received my NADCA certification and became Benson’s Indoor Air Quality Specialist & Comfort Consultant. My duties were airflow is-sues, Zoning, Duct Cleaning Estimates, Duct Repair and Duct Change-out Estimates and then overseeing all those jobs. From there I moved into Sales in April of this year.

Justin Wilson

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Justin W.

Justin W.

Estimate on New System please come AS CLOSE TO 2pm AS POSSIBLE.

Near Shady View Ln, Tallahassee, FL 32311
Justin W.

Justin W.

Evaluated 15 year old duct system.

Near Tower Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32303
Tallahassee, FL - Evaluated 15 year old duct system.