TITLE: Commercial Project Manager

TENURE: 17 years

JOB DESCRIPTION: Responsible for a wide variety of commercial projects: private development, schools, churches, universities, various departments of state and local government, restaurants, and restorations of historic buildings. I approach the execution of this with an even blend of planning, specification and procedures, relying on 40+ years practical experience and the occasional outside-of-the-box idea. I also offer technical support to the entirety of the organization when called upon.

INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE:I came into this industry with general construction experience in 1975, working as a helper for a Lennox dealer here in Tallahassee. I worked up to lead supervisor of commercial projects before moving to the Dallas/ Fort Worth area for 8 years during the Texas oil boom. I worked for a mechanical firm with almost exclusive focus on commercial clients, specializing in governmental, institutional mechanical / HVAC systems. I desired to return to Tallahassee and worked as an Estimator / Project Manager for the same Lennox dealer for a few years and as a hvac/r sales entity before coming to work at Benson’s as the commercial project manager, the position I hold today.

George Hendon